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North Bergen Volunteer Baseball was a youth baseball organization dedicated to providing an excellent recreational baseball program for the children of North Bergen, NJ.  It was formed in 1974 by a group of dedicated men such as Anthony (Tony) Avillo.  

We were forced out of existence in 2003 by some politicians and their "friends".

Who are some of these people?  Glad you asked ...

Convicted - Peter Perez (Federal Prisoner # 24878-050) is the former Recreation Commissioner of North Bergen.  He's the guy who pulled NBVB's lease for the 76th Street Field as a 'power play'.  Went to prison for corruption.

Arrested - Julian Cosma is (hopefully, was) the president of North Bergen Recreation's little league program - the one the politicians and their cronies started after throwing NBVB off the field.  Really swell guy ... arrested for carjacking, aggravated assault, possession of a weapon, aggravated sexual contact, burglary and impersonating a law enforcement officer.

North Bergen Little League
President Julian Cosma
Julian Cosma, a North Bergen housing inspector charged with
 attempted sexual assault and other crimes, was arraigned in 
municipal court in Garfield Tuesday. DAVID BERGELAND / NORTHERN JERSEY MEDIA GROUP

So why was NBVB disbanded by the politicians?
Simple - because we wouldn't bend the rules for them & their friends.  We cared about ALL the kids in town.  Made sure everyone was treated equally and fairly.  This offends those who think they're above the rules.  People like that get what's coming to them ... that's why one went to prison and at least one more is well on his way.

Aren't you glad that the town replaced us with criminals?
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